Die Kunst des Alt werdens | The Pro-AGE-Effect – T-shirt collection

„A few months ago my first grey hair jumped out of the mirror into my eyes. I desperately pulled it out in disgust and then searched the Internet for the average age of becoming grey.“


The moment we are born we become old. Growing and shrinking are part of the process of becoming older not only the slow decline but also the blossoming of the body. 

The collection of the „ageing t-shirts“ shows us that everything we perceive is a view that is not necessarily created by us individually, but a forced and fixed view of the society. We have to learn to deal with our bodies ourselves and try to find the beauty in the things that we perceive as ugly by others.


Überall Veränderung | Everywhere Change


Die Schönheitsmale | Beauty spots

kolletkie9 kollektie10

Der alternde Horizont | The aging horizon


Falten und Risse | Wrinkles and Cracks


Der Prozess


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